2 Ways to De-Stress Moving Houses


Breathe a sigh of relief! Did you know that your move is one of the top stressors that can affect your emotional health? We recognise that moving is stressful, which is why our team works hard to make sure that every aspect of your moving needs is handled with care.

Pack like a pro
The first thing you should do to avoid extra stress is to make sure you’re up to speed with packing. Pack like a pro by planning and decluttering beforehand. Set an alarm on your phone, work hard and fast during the hour’s block, then stop (and take a break!). A little bit every night far outweighs trying to pack everything in one evening or weekend.

If it’s a bit too late with that advice… we do offer packing services as well, so don’t you worry. We’ll handle all your items with good care, and make sure they’ll arrive in your new home without a scratch.

Get to know your new area
Next, something that can calm you down before moving is properly familiarising yourself with your new neighbourhood. Go on and grab a coffee if you can, see the local shops and check out the parks. Get yourself excited about your new life!

If your new home is located a bit further away than what’s convenient for a coffee or lunch, at least go on Google Maps and have a look around! Google the cafés and browse their Instagrams to see what yummy pastries they offer.

And when you’re ready, give us a call and let’s get your moving day sorted out. 

Stash + Lode offers moving services, removals, packing, storage units and pods all over the Sunshine Coast & beyond. So basically, we do everything. You can sit on your couch while we do the packing, you can even sit on your couch while we carry it out if you want. While you’re still deciding on what items to keep or throw out, we’ll store them for you. As for the stuff you don’t want anymore, consider them gone! 

When you’re ready to relieve some of that stress, give us a call.