Size Does Matter

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The size of your move does matter! In Removals Speak we call it “volume” and we measure or assess the size of your move in cubic metres (m3). Why does the size of your matter? There are lots of reasons including but not limited to:

  • What size truck do you need to ensure all your goods will fit in one trip?
  • Will the truck fit in the driveway or street at both the pickup and the delivery residences?
  • How long will it take to load and unload – will you be able to move all your stuff in one day or does the move need to be spread over 2 or even 3 days?
  • How many crew members will be needed to ensure you are not unloading in the pitch dark at midnight?
  • How much is your move going to cost you?

All of these questions will be impacted by the size or volume of your move but lucky for you we have several ways to help you measure your move size including:

  • Complimentary online inventory – just click your furniture items and number of cartons and our efficient system will calculate the volume of your move
  • Email us an inventory – a list of all your items – and one of our experienced consultants will review and calculate the volume for you
  • Don’t do online or inventories ? – then phone us and let’s talk about how many rooms in your house, major furniture items, whether your cupboards are jammed full of stuff and we can make an estimate of volume for you

So there is no excuse for not knowing the size of your move and once we have the volume we can recommend the most efficient and cost effective move plan just for you.