Top Tips for Stashing Your Stuff

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If you want to avoid a nasty shock when you open up your storage unit here are our Top Tips for Stashing your Stuff:

  • Ensure your fridge is empty, room temperature inside and perfectly dry – or you might find some furry, green friends inside when you open it up
  • Dry the inside of your washing machine thoroughly and if it is fitted with a barrel locking system fix the washing drum during the move and storage
  • Place mattresses into plastic mattress bags to keep them dry and clean
  • Don’t put leather lounges or leather chairs into plastic – they may sweat and mould – leather is best protected with natural fibre covers
  • Use quality cardboard boxes or sturdy plastic tubs for storing small items – cheap cardboard boxes will crush and collapse during storage leading to damage and breakages, cheap plastic tubs will split if too much weight on top
  • Use standard size cartons where you can to maximise stacking and space saving in the storage unit
  • Never store flammable or dangerous liquids, never ever
  • Ideally never store any liquid that could leak during storage as it may damage or spoil other contents of your storage unit
  • Wrap white goods in corrugated cardboard or moving blankets to protect from scrapes and scratches
  • Stack sensibly – put bulky heavy items at bottom and lighter items on top
  • If stacking cartons onto a table or sideboard, cover the table with pad, moving blanket or even a flattened cardboard box to avoid scratches
  • Keep “may need” items at the front of the storage unit so that you can reach them if you need to
  • If you have space leave a laneway in the centre of shed to the back wall so that you can retrieve items from back of shed if needed
  • Consider taking out storage insurance or checking to see if your household goods policy will cover goods in storage.

Don’t forget you can ask your professional storage facility staff or advice on how best to protect your goods at their facility – Good Luck and Get Stashing !