What the … Mobile Storage?

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What do you mean “Mobile Storage” ? We all know and understand traditional storage options – large shed, long way out of town, you have to work out how to get your stuff out there and then you also have to work out how to get all your stuff into the blinking shed. Well how about re-imagining storage ? That’s what we have done here at Stash+Lode.

Mobile Storage Units are just what the name says – secure, weather-proof, insulated storage units (think of a brand-new, clean mini-container) – that can be loaded onto a truck or trailer and brought out to be left at your residence for you to pack in your own time, in your own way. And there’s more. You can then keep your mobile storage unit at your home so that you have on-the-spot access or we can pick it up and bring it back to our dedicated depot for storage (which also has 24/7 access, but just at our house)

Here are just some of the great ways you can use mobile storage units to save time and money:

* DE-CLUTTER – prepare your home for sale – every real estate agent will tell you to de-clutter your home to get the best price. We can deliver the mobile storage unit to your residence and you can work with your agent to move personal items into the unit to streamline the presentation of your house. You can keep the unit at your property for quick access or we can pick it up and take it back to our depot until your home is sold.

* RENOVATE – we deliver to your home and then as you renovate rooms or areas of your home, use the mobile storage unit to keep furniture clean and out of the builders way. As you finish a room, move the furniture back to the house and then move the next room to the mobile storage unit. Finished renovating ? – call us and we come and pick it up. Easy !

* HOBBY OR HOME BUSINESS – need some extra space for stock or materials for your hobby or home business ? We can deliver the mobile storage unit and place it as required. You can store goods, set up shelving or a work bench, get on with your hobby or side-hustle and when you are finished for the day, lock the doors and go back to an uncluttered house.

* GOING OVERSEAS or JOINING THE GREY NOMADS ? – want to rent or Airbnb your house while you are gone ? Use a mobile storage unit to place personal, valuable or fragile items in a safe and secure environment and you are ready to go – your house is now (almost) tenant proof !

* BUILDING A NEW HOUSE ? – want to live on site while you build but just not enough room in the caravan ? Mobile storage units will keep your belongings clean and secure, but still at hand in case you need them, while you are building your dream home.

* BETWEEN SETTLEMENTS ? – sold one house but not yet able to find or access a new house ? We deliver, you load, and then we take your goods back to our depot in the secure storage unit/s – and when you get access we can deliver the storage units to your new house. One of the most amazing benefits of using mobile storage units is NO DOUBLE HANDLING into and out of a storage shed, so saves you a ton of money and eliminates damage from double handling.

* JUST GOT TOO MUCH STUFF ? – rent a mobile storage unit, or two or three – we can make space for almost anything.

So many opportunities – this is why mobile storage units are really shaking up the traditional storage world – clean, secure, mobile, flexible and cost effective. TRUST US – Storage will never be the same again !